Work update: Joining Akash

As my sweet tenure at Tendermint comes to an end, I’m excited to embark my new journey in Akash.

Aliasgar Merchant
2 min readAug 22, 2022
Akash Network

What is Akash?

To all those who haven’t heard of Akash yet; you are missing out on the great company. Akash is a distributed peer-to-peer marketplace for cloud computing. Think of AWS or GCP on Blockchain, with distributed service centers. (Even you can provide computing resources and earn money)

What did I learn at Ignite?

Learning experience from Ignite (Formerly Tendermint):

1. Cosmos skills. (Overall coding skills)

2. Public speaking. (Workshops, seminars, etc)

3. Leadership skills. (Led multiple initiatives for eco-dev)

4. Team player. (Being a part of cross-team efforts like Product & Engineering, Marketing, and Business Development)

5. Discord knight. (Helped multiple developers begin their Cosmos journey)

6. Getting Featured. (Featured in multiple news outlets —

What will I do at Akash?

At Akash I will Lead Developer Relations initiatives.

Here is what I will do in a nutshell:

  • Represent Akash at major and local Blockchain and cloud events
  • Develop content that guides technical and community members
  • Engage and increase the Akash user community, including developers, providers and validators
  • Establish and own strategy and content for the Developer Knowledge Hub
  • Create guides, examples, and tutorials to help onboard developers and community members
  • Hold meetups and hackathons to drive and engage the ecosystem in partnership with Marketing
  • Collaborate with Product, Engineering, and Support stakeholders to give feedback and improve the onboarding experience

Thank you for reading. Cheers!

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