Productivity Tips for Work from Home

Work from Home has been popularized in recent covid times. We hear people so often say — “I work from home”. While many people enjoy it, some believe it has created havoc in their lives.

Aliasgar Merchant


Working from home is now a part of life and inevitable. Thus, I have compiled a list of productivity tips and hacks that will help you make the most of work from home.

1. Take regular breaks

This is critical. We are humans and we tend to not take enough breaks if they are not forced upon us. People normally tend to lose track of time when they sit in front of their computers. This is dangerous as your eyes might get tired or you may develop back problems due to long hours of sitting in one place. A break could provide you with some fresh air, a chance to stretch yourself, avoid neck aches, etc… My Recommendation — Stretching/Muscle exercises 5 mins work 2 mins rest — 10 minutes every hour would be sufficient

2. Set a time to check emails

Another critical factor is to set a time frame for checking your emails and messages at regular intervals. This will help you focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about new emails coming into your Inbox. My Recommendation: I prefer to check my mails every four hours, this has helped me work more efficiently instead of spreading my attention thin over Gmail inbox.

3. Take notes

This is very important if you want to increase productivity as it helps identify pain points in your work process and fix them accordingly so that you can not only improve efficiency but also avoid redundant works.

4. Identify distractions beforehand

One major distraction while working from home is people asking questions or disturbing you. Before working at home make sure you tell your family and friends to not disturb you unless it’s urgent. If necessary put a signboard with “Do Not Disturb” written on it. This little step will help you stay focused.

5. Learn to say No.



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