Minting NFTs on Algorand

Minting NFTs, especially on Ethereum, can be like burning a hole in the pocket. Algorand gives just that solution for a fraction of the price, Lucky for all the enthusiastic artists.

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NFT is the new buzzword in town & if you have been following the crypto and Blockchain space, you know how rich someone can become by gaining just the right popularity.
This article will go through a step-by-step guide to mint your NFT on Algorand Blockchain and list it in a marketplace. All of this can be done at a fraction of a price compared to Ethereum.

PS: Although I wish it were, Algorand did not sponsor this article. :P

Step 1: Visit AB2 Gallery

AB2 Gallery is a decentralized marketplace for crypto art assets secured on the Algorand blockchain. It is a trustless, permissionless, and secure trading solution for artists and collectors in the Algorand Ecosystem, made possible using Layer-1 Smart Contracts.

Step 2: Connect to a wallet

On the top right corner, you will find a navigation menu. Select connect to wallet. You will be redirected to myalgo to link your wallet.
If you have already created a wallet, sign in. If not, follow the steps on the screen to create a new wallet and link it to

Once you have connected the wallet, you can log in to

Step 3: Create an ASA.

On the navigation bar, select your profile.
Click on the options on the right and select your profile. You will see three options — Profile, Manage and Disconnect.



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