This article highlights the reasons you should pay careful attention to how Emeris is revolutionizing DeFi and DApps.

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What is Emeris ?

Emeris is like an App store for Blockchain applications, which, upon full maturity, will hold a variety of Decentralized applications. Today, Emeris is a non-custodial and cross-chain DeFi dashboard.

Blockchain technology is the next generation of finance. Leveraging cryptocurrencies, blockchain eliminates intermediaries from all transaction processes, creating trust and securing an innovative financial sector. The key to this novel settlement layer is the Ethereum network.

Ethereum is the world’s most popular decentralized application network. It is home to the…

Given the Bullish market in Crypto world, everyone is on look for making some extra buck in the market. When you want to invest in Ethereum or DeFi space in general, you need to have a wallet.
But the question is — which wallet is correct for you.

Let’s accept it — Blockchain Developers (the cool solidity fans) have faced error from Metamask at some point or the other. Sometimes its easy to just reset the bad boy, but sometimes developers spend hours together debugging metamask.

In this article, I will talk about most common Metamask errors, how…

There are many strategies available in market to earn passive income with Blockchain like Flash Loans, Trading Bots and you can build Dapps that earn passive income.

However, this article is focussed on running a Blockchain Infrastructure. This is different from App Development or Bot Development. This is actually participating…

What is Front-Running?

In the days when stocks were really exchanged on paper, on the floor of the stock trade, front-running alluded to the act of rushing to the front of the line when you realized some huge exchange was coming (shrewd name, right?). …

A step by step tutorial to build your own crypto currency dashboard and deploy it to server


Part 1

If you are a Blockchain Developer or an aspiring Blockchain Developer you will definitely find these resources helpful in your journey to becoming a great blockchain Developer.

This is part 1/4 of the Blockchain Developer Resources series.
Find part 2 here.


This is not a financial advise. Please read all the clauses clearly before investing. This is not a sponsored article.

This article assumes you already have basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies and its working.


A protocol for trading synthetic assets on Ethereum.

  • You can trade other assets like Crypto, Commodity…

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